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Our innovative technology

With low-temperature heat in the range of 55 to 95 °C, instead of electricity as primary source of energy, our machines produce chilled water or cold air. Using pure water as refrigerant, the cooling process is carried out under vacuum in a hermetically sealed vacuum chamber. The refrigerant in the chamber evaporates, creating cold caused by the sorption material, which adsorbs the water vapour released in the evaporation process. During adsorption, the sorption material must be cooled, typically by rejecting heat to the environment.

The cooling process stops automatically, once the sorption material is saturated and can no longer adsorb more vapour.

Thereafter, the regeneration of the sorption material starts by applying low-temperature waste heat, desorbing the refrigerant adsorbed in the preceding phase and condensing the vapour. Electricity is only needed for powering pumps and valves. The heat of condensation is also rejected to the environment. Now the cooling process can start again.

With two modules working in parallel, this intermittent process enables continuous chilled water to provide a sustainable cooling for the customer’s specific need.

Process Cooling

Process cooling is the most promising industrial application. In industry, where waste heat source is easily available and in need of a cooling power, our R&D is applicable. Our unique approach is to use our technologies as a base load to achieve the highest electrical savings with a combination of a minumum investment cost. A hybrid solution is also possible, when reaching the peak load, we can combine our machines with the existing technologies or the compression chillers from our clients.


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