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Sorption Technologies GmbH specializes in developing, designing, and manufacturing innovative solutions for heat recovery from low-temperature waste heat sources, generating chilled water mainly for process cooling applications.
Our thermal chiller units are specifically engineered to operate at liquid temperatures ranging from 55 to 95°C, utilizing environmentally friendly pure water as the refrigerant, ensuring a zero Global Warming Potential (GWP). These modular, customer-specific units are preassembled for seamless integration into existing systems, maximizing efficiency and cost savings.

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Research & Development

Our R&D activities are based on working closely with universities and our business partners around the world.

Our patented adsorption refrigeration technologies (WO 2021089818 A1) have proven to be innovative. Other than that, we are proud to be part of these EU Projects, aiming to change the world into a better place:

Demostration Projects

In 2024, we will focus on installing our prototypes in three demostration sites:

HYPERGRYD – Prototype HP2
The Sorption Storage is a thermochemical storage for daily and seasonal applications. It charges with a heat source and aims at smoothing the peak load.

The prototype HP2 will be installed in a R&D partner facility in Poland. This allows us to test it under a different working condition by simulating a district heating network with a heat pump, and a geothermal and traditional thermal storage. In addition, a different end-user simulation for heating and cooling purposes will be put into test.


ZHENIT  – Prototypes ZH1 and ZH2

This project contains two protoypes to be installed in two demostration sites – one on lab-scale and one for on-board validation.

The “lab scale” prototype will be installed and tested in Spain by TECNALIA, our proud partner in this R&D project.


ZH2 is a container solution “plug&play”. This prototype will be installed on-board of a vessel to validate it in real working condition.

Both prototypes are designed to work as a sorption desalinators and chillers. The sustainable solution reuses the waste heat generated by the engine from the vessel, providing a cooling power up to 10kW for cooling purposes. In addition, they turn salt water into fresh water. 

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