Our Mission

Our mission is to revolutionize industrial cooling and heat recovery through innovative adsorption chiller technology, empowering our customers to achieve energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

We aim to be the leading provider of innovative adsorption chillers that utilize waste heat to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions in industrial processes.

Our Vision

Our Team

Walter Mittelbach

Managing Director

Walter Mittelbach earned a Ph.D. in Physics from Free University of Berlin in 1994 and later founded a solar thermal plant installation company. In 1995, he started an adsorption storage technology group with UFE Solar GmbH and Fraunhofer-Institute for Solar Energy Systems. In 2002, he established SorTech AG (now Fahrenheit GmbH), producing adsorption chillers and managing technical development and investments. As the CEO, he then launched Sorption Technologies GmbH in June 2018 to create and market advanced, cost-effective adsorption chillers. He holds 25 patents or patent applications in adsorption technology, with 23 at Fahrenheit GmbH and two at Sorption Technologies, alongside numerous scientific papers.

Cecilia Cao

Operations Manager

Cecilia Cao majored in Industrial Engineering. She also studied and trained in psychology and had 5 years of work experience with Top 500 International companies about supply chain management. Other than that, have 7 years of experience in founding and operating private owned companies. As an experienced operation manager, she managed a team of max. 23 people and was able to increase the profits of companies. Currently, she is in charged of supply chain and operation management in Sorption Technologies GmbH.

Gabriele Penello

Business Developer

After his study in Energy Engineering at University of Padua, Italy and Duisburg-Essen, in NRW Germany, Gabriele began to work at leading companies such as OSRAM and later concentrate on trigeneration, energy efficiency and renewable energies. This led him to work among industrial thermal chiller leaders such as SorTech AG and later Fahrenheit GmbH.
Since late 2021, he is involved with Sorption Technologies GmbH, where his major tasks are related to manage and develop the Start-up “Sorption Technologies Srl” in Italy and to work on exciting EU project and customized solutions for customers.

Paulina Rogala

Financial Manager

Paulina graduated from VII High School in Cracow. She had many years of experience in trade in the furniture industry. Currently, Paulina is working as a financial manager at Sorption Technologies GmbH. Privately, she is a lover of the Italian language and cuisine. Her great passion, in which she develops all the time, is dancing.

Matteo Calò

R&D Engineer

As a proven mechanical engineer, graduated at Politecnico di Torino in 2022 with a specialization in Industrial Automation. Matteo is currently a PhD student and an R&D Engineer at Sorption Technologies since 2023. He had the chance to gain laboratory experience in hydraulics, electronics and programming languages such as MATLAB, C++, Python.
You will most probably find him busy in one of his passions: mathematical modelling of reality, 3D drawing and printing, enjoying art!

Pia Cheng

Marketing Manager & IT Support

Pia majored in International Business Management from the Hochschule Furtwangen University, Germany. Large companies and the Hidden Champions around the Black Forest region appreciated her foresight and understanding of business development and marketing. As an automation-lover, Pia then founded her own company in 2021 to offer efficient solutions to her customers in the field of operational, marketing and sales automation, leveraging her expertise. Technology does not replace relationships. Therefore, a focus is also placed on appreciating the customer and their needs. Since 2023, she is the marketing manager from Sorption Technologies GmbH. Other than that, she oversees the IT of the company.

Netty Pulungan

Assistant to Managing Director

After graduating from the Institute of Technology of Bandung with a Biology major in 2018, Netty worked as a Laboratory Assistant at a Biotechnology company in Indonesia until 2020.
In early 2021, she started to work remotely as a Virtual assistant that provide services such as administration tasks, email marketing, and social media management. Since January 2024, she is the personal assistant of the Managing Director of Sorption Technologies GmbH.

Marijana Jovanovic

Project Manager

Marijana graduated in economics at the University of Novi Sad. After 4 years in sales in the pharmaceutical industry from the position of Sales Coordinator, she moved into Project management leading different types of projects in different niches. During the last 4 years, she became a proven manager who converted words into tasks, met success criteria at a specified time, and deals with challenges effectively. As a former basketball player, she always encourages team spirit. She loves to play the violin and wants to learn piano. She is a mom of two little ladies.


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